Frequently Asked Questions
Q:   Can you pick us up at our hotel?
         Yes! We offer our services with transportation to all of the hotels in the Punta Cana area. If you are staying in a      
           hotel, villa or apartment in the areas of “Punta Cana Beach Resort & Club” and “Cap Cana” there is an additional transportation fee.

Q:   At what time are your lessons?
           We have different time slots and are available for lessons throughout the day. We will coordinate a time directly
           with you, based on where you are staying.

Q:   Do you teach surfing to small children?
          We teach children of all ages. They do have to know how to swim.

Q:   Do you offer group discounts?
           The more the merrier!! Just let us know how many persons in your party and we will work out a cool deal for you!

Q:   How many instructors will give the surfing lesson?
           Each student will have his/her own instructor, after learning and practicing in the sand in a small group setting.

Q:   I would prefer a private lesson, do you offer this as an option?
           Sure! Just contact us and we will be happy to book an individual lesson in and out of the water.
           Private transportation can also be booked.

Q:   Which days of the week are you closed?
           We operate every day, although we avoid having surf lessons on Sunday afternoons, as the beach
           becomes crowded.

Q:   What should I bring to the beach?
          If you are renting or taking lessons, bring sun-block and a towel. We will offer each participant a rash-guard to
          use during the activity.

Q:   Can I take multiple lessons throughout my vacation?
          Absolutely! We have a great 3-day package that will dramatically improve your surfing skills.

Q:   How many hours will I be out of the hotel?
          From pick-up to drop-off approximately 3.5 - 4 hours.

Q:   I have never surfed before and do not consider myself a fit person. Could I still take the lessons?
          Yes!! Surfing is a very technical sport and with the proper equipment and instruction, anyone can do it!

Q:   I have had recent surgery/health problems. Can I still take the lessons?
          Only with the approval of your doctor you can practice surfing after surgery or serious health issues.

Q:   I have taken lessons before, can I just rent the equipment?
          We offer rentals for anyone with former experience, but we will ensure that you know the safety rules,
          surfing etiquette and have enough knowledge and skill to surf on your own without supervision.

Q:   I want to take the lessons but my partner just wants to come along. Is this possible?
          Sure! There is a minimal transportation fee for non-participant companions.

Q:   Can we meet you on the beach?
          Absolutely! Just let us know ahead of time in order to have equipment and instructors available for you.

Q:   Where is your store located?
          Our shop is on Bavaro Beach (it is in a different location than the Surf Lessons) next to the Jelly Fish restaurant,
          in front of the IFA hotel.

Q:   How many persons in one class?
          Our specialty is small groups and individual classes. We limit our number of students to 10 per class. We may
          have as much as 15 IF they are all one group traveling together.

Q:   What are the conditions on the beach?
          Macao Beach is shallow, sandy bottom and with a beach break. It offers a short, fast ride in very safe conditions.       
          The beach has the advantage of offering smaller waves to the right, and they get bigger to the left, so there
          is something for every skill level.